10th October World Mental Health Day Conference at The Holiday Inn, Winnersh Triangle


October 10th is World Mental Health Day.

Every year, we put on a conference to showcase the myriad of ways that there are to care for our wellbeing in our local area. The emphasis is on prevention and positive interventions that we can all make to support our own wellbeing.

This year the conference will take place at the Holiday Inn, Winnersh Triangle.

Speakers and workshops will include topics like sleep, nutrition, exercise, as well as more specialist topics like suicide awareness and laughter yoga.

We anticipate at least 150 people in attendance. Last year we had a wide cross section of people – head teachers, business leaders, social workers, public health officers and many local businesses and individuals. The Deputy Mayor and Thames Valley TV were also there. This year we have invited the Mayor, four local MPs and younger members of Royal family who have taken the lead on mental health issues.

Tickets are available for £10 and are selling out fast. Ticket price includes all talks and workshops, plus lunch, refreshments and parking - all for only £10! Book now.

We also have a physical challenge that you can get involved with BEFORE the event.  The aim is to "virtually" walk to Norway by everyone increasing their activity - running, walking, cycling, swimming - and adding their "miles" to the total.  Great fun and we have a community Facebook page for people to share what they are doing and build a community feel before the event - and meet up at the event too.  You can join this challenge  even if you don't attend the Conference as it is a Fundraiser.

Or contact us for sponsorship opportunities.